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Maxim Consulting - Agire il Domani - Nina Dolger - Partner & Founder - Coach, trainer, formatrice, assessor, consulente, psicologa, psicologa del lavoro

Enact the Future

At the beginning of my experience as a trainer I received many positive feedback. The only thing was you couldn’t see any significant improvement after these sessions. For that reason, in 2005, I decided to enact the future founding Maxim Consulting.
Maxim Consulting - Agire il Domani - Paolo Pusceddu - Managing Partner - Coach, trainer, formatore, counsellor, consulente

MotusQuo®, the promise of Change

MotusQuo® is a learning based change process to lead teams and individuals to effectively and sustainably embrace change and reach business targets.
Maxim Consulting - Agire il Domani - Rosario Carnovale - Senior Coach & Trainer - Coach, Sales Coach, Sales trainer, formatore, consulente

Implementing CRM: how to deal with resistance?

Despite the development of today's IT project is much faster than in the past yaers, in many companies still exist som resistances to change often underestimated by our clients

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