A process of definition, incubation
and measurement of success

Motus Quo®: Why it works

Motus Quo®: Steps

Our process is articulated in 3 steps

Goal Setting

Start the project by defining success

DIRECTION Needs analysis and definition of development targets with the Client
ENGAGEMENT Engagement of participants and definition of individual development goals
EXPLORATION Deepening of the challenges of the Participants related with their development objectives


Develop the project by incubating success

REAL CASE Analysis of real cases brought by participants (eg .: difficult coworkers or customers) and definition of immediately applicable solutions
TOOLKIT Sharing and testing a selection of Maxim tools (for diagnosis, reflection, mapping, decision support) according to the agreed objectives
MONITORING Periodic check of the application of new approaches in the field

Result Check

Close the project by measuring success

CHECK Participants self-evaluation on results achieved
IMPRINTING Turning learning into stable processes
DEBRIEF Final check with the Client on learning and results

Motus Quo®: 11 Foundations

Motus Quo®:
11 Foundations

  • 1. The Client defines the project objectives

  • 2. Participants should be able to find their motivation within the project

  • 3. Coaches train by example and model being open to risks

  • 4. Motus Quo is a protected space with agreed rules everyone is expected to follow

  • 5. Motus Quo is a space to interrupt dysfunctional cultural automatisms

  • 6. Motus Quo is an incubation space that unlocks potential

  • 7. Motus Quo is a place to confront and resolve real problems

  • 8. Motus Quo enhances participants' resources and experiences

  • 9. Motus Quo monitors the application of solutions in the field

  • 10. Real change is supported over time (6-12 months) through periodic meetings

  • 11. The Client periodically checks results in the field with the coaches